How to Load image From URL :

How to Load image From URL :

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Today we learn about how to load image direct from URL :

Using Picasso Image Loader library , we can load our image direct url to our ImageView control. Which you can Download from here :

So download .jar file and put into your libs folder . load with your build.gradle file on dependencies part :

compile files('libs/picasso-2.5.2.jar')

now take one ImageView Control your xml file :

Cast into your .java file :

ImageView img = (ImageView) findViewById(;

Load url image in your ImageView control using Picasso:


Parameter & Description :

load : Pass url which you want to load image.

placeholder:  It will show image as a place holder untill your url image not loaded fully on control.

error: It will show when loading process over and any problem occure with url then it show error drawable image.

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If any query feel free to write here :

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